User-friendly exploration seismograph

Spend more time acquiring data and less time learning how to use the equipment. Subsuelo3d designs, develops, manufactures and sells the geophysical equipment listed below. We are recognized as the manufacturer of user-friendly geophysical instruments.

User-friendly geophysical instruments for shallow subsurface exploration

SeismeX16 and SeismeX24

User-friendly exploration seismograph. User-friendly Geophysical Instruments

Our SeismeX16 (16 channels) and SeismeX24 (24 ch) exploration seismographs are modern geophysical instruments designed to record natural or man-induced soil vibrations. These seismographs are routinely used for: (1) Seismic refraction studies; (2) Refraction Micro-tremor (ReMi); (3) Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW), (4) Downhole velocity surveys; (5) Shallow seismic reflection imaging.


User-friendly single-channel exploration seismograph. User-friendly Geophysical Instruments

The SuperOne seismograph is a single channel, versatile, low cost, easy to use exploration seismograph. Multichannel (up to 24 channels) seismic records can be acquired with this instrument, one channel at a time. This instrument can be easily used for: (1) Seismic refraction studies (P and S waves) (2) MASW seismic studies.

GeoAmp 303

User-friendly DC resistivity meter. User-friendly geophysical instruments.

The GeoAmp 303 is a versatile DC resistivity meter, designed to be easy to transport and operate. Main applications are: (1) Groundwater exploration; (2) Mapping of contaminant plumes; (3) Underground cavity and sinkhole detection; (4) Geotechnical studies and (5) Bedrock imaging.

Switch AMS001

User-friendly DC resistivity tomography switch. User-friendly geophysical instruments.

The Switch AMS001 is an automatic control module that allows acquisition of 2-dimensional DC Electrical Resistivity Tomographic (ERT) images of the subsurface in a rapid and reliable manner. This module requires the use of a GeoAmp 303.

User-friendly geophysical instruments for non-destructive testing


User-friendly Pile Integrity Testing equipment.

UltraPip is a light instrument designed for Pile Integrity Testing (PIT). This equipment includes all physical, electronic and instrumental features required to perform PIT studies in compliance with the ASTM-D5882-00/16 norm.

We understand the need to collect good geophysical data. And we also understand that too many settings, menus, options, sliders, check-boxes, etc. can be confusing and challenging for the end-user. We strive to make only user-friendly geophysical equipment.